Helio Pressure Shower LX

Any time after day three of an extended trip, that not so fresh feeling starts creeping its way through your camp. Instead of letting both your hygiene and relationships suffer, be the camp hero and show off your NEMO Helio LX pressure shower. The Helio LX is designed to sit on the ground, making it usable almost anywhere versus having to find a tree to hang it like conventional camp showers. With over a 5-gallon capacity and included foot pump, you can enjoy 7-10 minutes of steady water pressure to spray off yourself, your dogs, your bike, or your gear. Fill it up at the start of the day and let the sun warm it up.  By the time you return, you'll have a nice warm shower waiting for you. The system includes the water tank, Helio foot pump, 10-foot neoprene shower hose with nozzle, and a ventilated fabric carrying case.

Features --

  • Unlike conventional gravity-fed systems, the Helio system rests on the ground and is pressurized by an integrated foot pump, delivering excellent water pressure
  • LX model includes a threaded fill cap with an opening big enough to reach inside for cleaning
  • Silicone sleeve holds nozzle in the open position; set the system up inside a Heliopolis privacy shelter (sold separately) and control it like your home shower faucet
  • LX model has a 22-liter (5.8 gal.) capacity with a 2.1m (7 ft.) hose that provides 7 - 10 min. of water pressure

Technical Specifications --

Weight: 1 lb
Fabric Material: EVA padding
Product Weight: 14.2 oz
Gender: Unisex
Age Group: Adults

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